Viber target

You can be everywhere: viber, instagram, facebook advertising.


What Viber target means?

As you know, people spend 4.9 hours a day on smartphones.So we will show your ads on instagram/facebook to interested customers who have read the message after the viber mailing. This will increase the order by up to 25%.

Why does Viber target right at instagram/facebook?

There are 1.2 billion people on social networks. They spend 37% of their time on social networks. You increase y’re own recognizability and increase sales while advertising on Instagram and Facebook.


What tasks does viber target solve:

Who can use Viber target?

Retail, e-commerce

Car dealerships, service stations

Restaurants and cafes

Home goods, building companies

Beauty salon

Delivery services

Viber target's cost starts from 1000 UAH