Blog - Promotional campaigns in Viber, benefits

Promotional campaigns in Viber, benefits

Viber sending Benefits

Nowadays sms sending is one of the most popular of marketing tools. It is used by various organizations and companies, thanks to which the target audience is massively attracted. This can be done with the help of social networks and various instant messengers. Of all existing applications, Viber has demonstrated the greatest efficiency. Sending via Viber is made very simple, and, given the popularity of the messenger itself, it is not surprising that such an advertising tool allows you to reach as many users as possible. You can order the presented service at Clients have the opportunity to choose the most optimal package for their needs, where there will be a certain number of messages and the cost of the service.

The main goals of Viber sending

Sms sending, regardless of the messenger, performs two tasks at once:
Informational - the task is to inform the subscriber about something. This could be a promotion, a discount program, a reminder of a store or company, or whatever, in fact;
Advertising - here in the message there is a hidden prompting action, as a rule, requiring the user to make the transition. The goal is to sell a product or service. However, the advertising function can be informational at the same time.
The company includes in the message information that may be of interest to recipients, encourage them to make certain actions - go to the desired page via a link, make a call, order a service or purchase. Therefore, among the most frequent users of sending via Viber we can meet:
Online stores, notifying about discounts, promotions, sales and new arrivals;
Service companies - technical centers, beauty salons, gyms, etc. They also talk about current promotions;
Financial organizations, in particular, banks informing about transactions related to an account or a card.
In any of these cases, informing the potential or regular customer, advertising goods or services. This can also be done via SMS, but sending Viber will be more convenient.

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Viber app fatures

Messenger allows you to exchange messages and content, both with one subscriber and with a group. So, you can send the same message to the entire list of contacts. Thus, a huge amount of time is saved, and advertising is sent in a matter of minutes, with just one keystroke. The main thing you need is the connected Internet from the sender and from subscribers. However, if the subscriber is currently offline, he will also receive your message when he goes online. An important feature of this particular application is it can easily function even with an unstable Internet. Surely, if the Network disappears, then issues will arise, but a high-speed connection is not required at all. For example, other instant messengers may hang, the content on them will take a long time to load, and the user will close and delete the message rather than waste time waiting for the download.


Viber sending benefits

Viber sending benefits are:

  • The simplicity of the process;
  • As fast as possible;
  • It is possible to send large text messages;

Due to the wide functionality of the messenger, it is possible to send not only text but also multimedia content - photos, melodies, smiles, and images. As you know, pictures with information attract more users than just text, and therefore the return on the message will be better.

And one more benefit of sending via Viber is the absence of large cash outlay. This item should be disassembled in more detail. Firstly, unlike standard SMS messages, for which you need to pay a mobile carrier, you just send information via the messenger for free. The maximum that you have to spend is the payment for the services of an employee who will perform this procedure. Well, of course, if you do not want to do it yourself. Secondly, such a mass sending has become an excellent alternative to advertising on tv and on websites. It does not make sense for all organizations to pay huge amounts of money to order a video on TV. Yes, and all of us know watching tv is not popular today. Moreover, ordering advertising on all channels is expensive, and on one is ineffective. Reaching an audience is too small, and the costs are too large. While sending by Viber is completely free. As for Internet sites, first, you need to find a resource that covers a large number of users. This can be a thematic or entertainment portal. However, such a service is not cheap, and the more popular the site, the more expensive the cost of advertising on it. And the queue there is also rather big. But buying a banner somewhere on the 20-30th page of the resource is not profitable since there is no guarantee that at least 1000 visitors will visit it for a whole month. As a result, many users have browser extensions that prevent the appearance of banners, various ad blockers. And, the audience reach becomes very narrow. But the owner of the site can not be responsible for the actions of users, because no one will return the money in case of a low level of conversion.


There is also PPC advertising, but it also requires investments with rather an unpredictable efficiency. Modern Internet users are difficult to conduct, and most of them understand where to click and where not. But if you still lure the visitor with the help of hidden pay-per-click advertising, then he simply closes the page that opens. So it turns out that sending Viber is much more efficient, and it does not require investments. And this application is installed in most users, almost 90%. And they will definitely receive your message, as it will be targeted.