The main functions of Viber

Viber is one of the most popular and convenient instant messengers in the world. The number of its users is millions, and surely for good reason. Today, more and more people prefer to use compact gadgets, especially since Internet coverage allows you to conduct telephone conversations through the instant messenger, and it is completely free ! And sending via viber makes it possible to inform several subscribers about something at once, without requiring for each of them to type a separate message.

The main functions of Viber

As with any messenger Viber’s task is quite simple – communication. This can be done in writing, typing messages, or verbally, with the help of calls. Moreover, the program is focused mainly on conversations, as it makes it very convenient to move contacts from the phone book to Viber. On the other hand, if you do not want to have some number in the contact list in the application, then you simply remove it from there using the settings. However, lovers of Internet correspondence is also not forgotten.Absolutely, not every one of us has the ability to make telephone conversations, but sending a message is easier than ever. For example, sitting at a university at a lecture or at a noisy party, you need to tell something to your relatives. You can not call, because the message remains the only way out. For a comfortable conversation in the application there are emoticons, so-called stickers, animation. In addition, you can send a text file, video from YouTube, photo, video, audio. This is especially useful if you are using a vibe. With the help of various functions, any user can customize the profile in the messenger at their discretion, including adding a photo. If any photo seems dull and uninteresting to you, it can be processed using the appropriate function – add some elements, make an inscription, etc. For an adult, perhaps it will seem like over-indulgence, but on the other hand, why not? In any case, this approach suggests that the developers have tried to adapt the program for different age categories, and have done everything possible so that Viber was comfortable for everyone.

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Messenger business opportunities

We should talk about it separately. For business owners the most attractive are the two functions of this messenger. The first is viber messaging. It is convenient in that you can send interesting information to all your subscribers at once. For example, in your store, there is some kind of promotion involving discounts. Someone from your contacts does not know about it, although he could participate. But sending a message to each person separately will take a lot of time, especially if the contact list includes several hundred users. Messaging solves this issue easily. The second function is group chat. First of all, you can use it for corporate purposes by connecting all employees to it. You can create a general chat for a company, or you can create several chats for each department. Thus, when you need to convey important information to the staff, some kind of order or task, it is enough to send a message that all people from the list of contacts added to the chat will receive. In turn, they can ask questions, get answers – and everyone else will read this. This avoids repeating the same questions.


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Secret Viber Functions

Some functions in Viber are called secret. In fact, there is no secret in them, just few of us get to them. Typically, users are limited to the standard settings, and then use the messenger as a means of communication. However, several so-called secret opportunities are still worth considering, under certain circumstances they can be useful. First of all, you should say a few words about security. This is very important for those who use the application as a business tool. Developers pay special attention to the security of communication of their customers, because they used end-to-end encryption. The function offers to go into the conversation, which will be completely encrypted. You can also hide from outsiders your secret dialogues. The function is called “”Secret Chat””. It is configured with just a few clicks. Secondly, if you do not want someone to see your presence in the messenger, you can disable the “”Online”” button. Thus, users from the contact list will not know when you last visited the application. It is also possible to set the notification of the interlocutor about the message you have viewed. It is not always convenient when a pen-friend knows that you have read his message. Thirdly, you can save your message log by making a backup copy of it. This is useful when switching to another phone, in case of loss or failure, etc”