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Viber messenger is used by about 900 million people in the world. It is an excellent method for sending service and advertising messages and instantly delivery to the customers.Viber is a great alternative to SMS.

Viber Benefits


Branded sender id with an individual company logo.

Cheaper than SMS

The cost of viber messages is cheaper than SMS.

Long texts

Ability to send message up to 1 thousand characters.

Buttons and images

You can send graphic images in the text, in addition to the button with the active link.

Smart Billing

Charging only for delivered messages.


Ability to unsubscribe subscribers.

Viber messaging

Viber messaging is used by many marketing expert as it is highly effective tool. Most users use at least one Android based gadget – either a smartphone or a tablet. Consequently, with high probability, they have the Viber app installed. This means that it can and should be used to convey the necessary information to potential or current customers.
Any company can use the viber service, either a large corporation or a small company providing services or offering goods. Firstly, it is inexpensive, and therefore costs quickly pay off, secondly you can raise the prestige of your own company and make it more recognizable among consumers. Until recently, sending via viber required direct participation from the user.And although it was easier to use it than SMS messaging, but it took some time even for the mass sending of promotional offers. However, today this problem has been solved, and now it is possible to use a computer for such purposes, which is much more convenient and easier.

Viber messaging benefits

Why did viber messaging become so popular? The thing is that it has a number of significant advantages. These include the following:
  • Minimum system requirements – the program is completely undemanding on smartphone resources, so it works quickly, regardless of the number of sent messages. For an additional fee, you can connect extensions, but often enough basic functionality;
  • Easy settings – you can customize the application for the most convenient use, depending on the needs of the user;
  • Minimum fee. As a rule, sending messages via viber does not require any expenses, only payment for additional features is provided for;
  • The largest audience reach – it is possible to send messages to all subscribers who are in the contact list, or select a group of subscribers;
  • More text. Unlike SMS, a message through this application can include 1000 characters, so that viber advertising will be more informative;
  • Ability to send images. One of the most significant advantages, as the images are better perceived by users than dry text. Thus, you will attract more attention, besides you will be able to popularize your brand by sending the company logo. The best option is a combination when the message contains both a picture and text;
  • Personalization. When sending viber is used, it is better if the call goes directly to the subscriber by name and patronymic. This increases customer confidence and also attracts their attention;
  • Instant transition on the link. If the marketing message contains a link leading to the product or page of your website with the service, the user can immediately follow it. As experience shows, the number of clicks on such links is much more than when the user needs to insert a url into the browser. No one likes to waste their time!
In general, mass viber messaging is possible directly through the application manually. However, if you have no time to do this on your own, and do not want to hire individual staff, you can use the services of specialized services. Most large companies do just that. In many ways, this is easier and more cost-effective than having an employee on staff who will send out messages via viber. He will have to pay salary on a monthly basis, while the work itself does not imply a permanent load. And to spend time on a periodic search for a freelancer also does not make sense, besides, it is risky.

The importance of choosing the right service

So that viber messaging does not take much time, various information technology companies have developed convenient and simple programs and services, which allowed to notify subscribers much easier and faster . However, not every service can guarantee uninterrupted and reliable operation. Therefore, it is worth a responsible approach to the choice. It is best to turn to experts who offer a quality product with great functionality. Also, experts can suggest how to make the viber messaging list the most effective and simple, help with the settings, or even take on all of these tasks. Modern companies offer the Smart Tariff option. This allows you to save money. The option is that payment is considered only for delivered messages, and those that have not reached the subscriber will not be paid. Thus, you will not have unnecessary, inappropriate expenses, you pay exclusively for the result.
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