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This is the most effective method of communication with mobile subscribers. This method is used to solve such tasks:

Informing customers about promotions, events, discounts and special offers
News alerts, event invitations
Congratulations on holidays, important events, birthday
Customer reporting on availability or status of order
Nowdays SMS messaging is one of the most effective ways to attract customers and provide an opportunity for direct contact with your target audience. Subscribers instantly receive messages on their phones, which makes it possible to convey information as quickly as possible.


Usable web interface

Usable web interface does not require special skills and makes it easy to send SMS.

Targeted Messaging

Our solutions can provide you with phones databases are sorted by various criteria as city, district, etc. So even if you dont have own subscribers base we can offer it for you business

Own Sender ID

The ability to send messages from your company branded name , which undoubtedly increases its prestige and and message presentation.

Traffic reports

We provide our clients with detail information about sent messages. The report will be displayed at your personal account within 10 minutes after messages have been sent. There you can check amount of delivery messages and download report in Excel, CSV format.

Personalization of messages

Our service allows you to send messages using data from your customer base.You can substitute First and Last name of Your customers, their dates of birth, age etc. Loyality of your customers increases through this solution. Personalization enhances the readability of messages

Messaging SMS | Intel Telecom

Messaging is the most сconvinent and simple tool in marketing. It allows you to reach a large audience of potential or current clients.herefore, this tool is used even by small companies that do not aspire to publicity and would like to reduce the budget for advertising, but at the same time get the maximum return.And as practically all people use mobile phones today, this way of involvement of audience is considered the most effective.

Marketing features

Surely, as advertising Sms marketing has its own nuances. First of all, it is quite difficult to get new customers, because you need to know the phone numbers for sending messages.This causes certain difficulties.On the other hand, it does not always make sense to expand the client base, sometimes it is much more important to keep in touch with current clients. After all, they once ordered a service or purchased a product. So, you have their trust, and it remains only to be in touch, warning customers about new promotions, discounts or sales. In such cases, sending messages is fully justified, and your customers will never forget about your company. The second difficulty was that sending SMS from the phone, which was very inconvenient and took an enormous amount of time. Nowdays this problem is sloved by modern technology. Many companies began to use the online messaging. You no longer have to score each number in the phone book and send everything manually to each individual subscriber number. It is much easier to do this on a computer, just like typing on a keyboard. A specially designed program has a simple and intuitive interface, without requiring any special skills or long training from the user.

Internet marketing benefits

Internet messaging has other important merits:
  • The presence of a systematic customer base with convenient sorting by regions, cities, districts, etc .;
  • Ability to set your own Sender Id. The subsciber will receive message not from unknown number but on behalf of your company , which increases the credibility of it, and also makes you stand out among the competitors;
  • Personalization. Customers are much nicer when messaging contains their name. They are more likely to respond to an marketing appeal, realizing that they are contacting them directly, and not to someone who is faceless;
  • Receiving detailed reports of the sending and delivery of messages.
In addition, if you still do not know how to make sms marketing, then do not worry. The program is designed in such a way that you immediately understand it. It takes only a few minutes. If individual staff are hired for this work, you can also easily check the result of its activities, determine whether the delivery via the Internet had the expected effect.

Why SMS, but not Messengers?

No one will deny that sending instant messages is cheaper and even easier somewhere. On the other hand, not all mobile phone users have applications installed. Some people still use push-button phones, where there is no possibility at all to put Viber or Telegram. Similarly, the owners of smartphones – someone is limited to social networks, but there are also those who do not use messengers at all, preferring phone conversations, rather than correspondence. Accordingly, you will not be able to send them an advertisement on the messenger. But sending via SMS is another matter. All owners of phones have SIM-cards, therefore, your message will definitely reach them.

Where to find the desired program

The web has a huge amount of resources offering various tools for performing mass SMS sending. Some of them are sold, but there are also free offers. It is best way to contact the real professionals who work directly in this direction. Surely, such a program is not provided for free, but you can be sure of its reliability and security. By downloading the free versions, at best, you will get limited functionality, and at worst, malicious software that will damage not only your computer, but the entire corporate network. Remember that a tool such as SMS sending to customers is worth the money spent and fully pays for all costs. After all, in the end, you will be able to increase the level of sales, attract new customers, effectively interact with regular customers, and improve the prestige of the company. The message sent in time can help the consumer to decide on a purchase, or find out that the long-awaited smartphone has finally appeared on sale, or it has a discount.
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