Blog - How to collect customer numbers on the site?

How to collect customer numbers on the site?

Nowdays, one of the most effective ways to alert customers and potential buyers is SMS sending. Modern people always carry a mobile phone with them, which means they are guaranteed to receive your message. However, there is one small nuance - and where to get these numbers to send SMS . There are several options here. The first one is illegal and quite risky, this is the purchase base of numbers. Why illegal? Thats because the person did not leave his number to you, and you use it for commercial purposes. Why risky? Again, if you did not leave the party room, and you send him the message, then it causes a negative reaction. Most likely, in your company, this person does not appeal because you violated his rights.

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How to collect customer numbers on the site?

Therefore, it would be more efficient to create your own database of numbers. Make it not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Especially if you have your own website, especially if it is an online store. Such a database is much more efficient, since sending messages will be carried out by those customers who have already visited your site and, most likely, made a purchase. And most importantly, the people themselves have given you their numbers, which means that no complaints will arise to you. So, what are the ways to collect phone numbers from the site?

Through the order form

At the time of purchase, the user needs to leave his contacts in order for the manager to call and clarify whether the customer actually completes the order. The fact is that there are different situations, you can make a purchase by mistake, and then, of course, do not take it from the point of delivery. Thats why managers are always trying to make sure the intentions of the user, having a telephone conversation. And this is a great way to make a list of customers. The numbers are still saved, they can be transferred to the delivery service so that the courier can contact the buyer. Consequently, the data will already be entered into the computer of the store employee; all that remains is to move them to a convenient table.

Through personal data

This method is good because, in addition to the phone, you can also find out the email of the person. Why users can leave personal data on the site? There are several reasons. The first is registration on the site, for example, on the forum. A phone may be required to obtain a verification code that must be entered. In part, this is a fight against bots, who attack every day a little bit of a famous portal. Partially used to build customer base. Also, buyers fill out questionnaires if the store offers a program of discounts or loyalty, that is, the person is already becoming a regular customer. In order for the store to identify the owner of a personal card or discount certificate, a phone number is required. In addition, you get the name of the client, perhaps - an email address. This is a completely legal and even effective way. Here, the consumer will not mind receiving the newsletter, because it offers favorable discounts and promotions.

Through the callback form

This is surprisingly simple way to find out your personal phone number. After all, the user is not only forced to give it to you, but even he is interested in it. Otherwise, how can the store manager or the site administrator contact him? Your employee will already have a number that he needs to enter into the database.

Through mobile apps

You know some companies, in addition to the site, release applications on smartphones. Please not to be confused with the site, which is designed specifically for mobile devices. We are talking about an application that acts as a copy of the site, but with more convenient functionality that allows, for example, to make purchases faster. Also, the application is installed on the phone, so you do not need to find the portal of the online store every time. To create a personal account here you will need to enter data, including the phone number. Accordingly, this is another safe and legal source for collecting numbers.