Blog - How does sending SMS via the Internet?

How does sending SMS via the Internet?

Sending SMS via the Internet may be needed at any time. There are many reasons for this. For example, it often happens that there is no money in the account, but you need to send an important message. It may happen that the phone stopped working, and report that everything is well needed. It is not always possible to use instant messengers, it so happens that you have to use only a computer or laptop. Another reason is sending a message from abroad. Often, tariffs of foreign mobile carriers simply go off-scale, send a message for free without an sms becomes difficult. Therefore, using the Internet to communicate with loved ones will be much cheaper or cost nothing at all. Well, of course, the last reason is sending through a virtual network to subscribers, customers. , and it is still considered the most effective and reliable sales assistant. In general, it is important to understand how sending works and what you will encounter when searching for relevant sites.

How does SMS sending work?

In fact, websites that are engaged in messaging over the Internet are intermediaries between the mobile carriers, the sender and the recipient. They have a rather intricate at first glance system of work. Messages are sent via the SMSC center, which includes hardware and software. And immediately notice, you can not worry - no one reads your messages, the process happens automatically. Therefore, it can send anything, confidentiality is provided.


SMSC Center includes:

• SMS server. This is a specialized software or application. It provides two-way communication between the recipient and the sender. It also handles the processing and storage of the message. • SMS gateway. It provides the interaction of the SMS server and other servers. Its main task is to facilitate traffic between servers and mobile subscribers. To put it simply, the SMS gateway is the main intermediary that provides translation of one network protocol to another in a language that it understands. • SMPP. In this case, the presented gateway provides data transfer between equal SMS centers. Thus, the system receives the message and automatically forwards it to the desired destination, accessing the SMS server. Due to this network structure, sending can be carried out at any time of the day and from any city. All that matters is the internet and the availability of a special site.

How to send SMS via the Internet

There are several ways to send a message through virtual networks. The first and most reliable is the carrier to which you or the recipient are connected. Often, all existing mobile operators provide a similar service. You can go to the official web portal and find this service. The main advantage of this method is free sms. The second way is to look for alternative resources. This may be necessary again if you are abroad. In this case, you can choose almost any service. Some of them are paid, some can embed advertising. The main thing here is to study the site itself, tariffs or other features of the portal. Free sms can go with ads. Which option is right for you, you have to decide individually. It is also important to know that some services ask for your phone number or postal address. Whether to give such information is a personal matter. As a last resort, you can simply write incorrect data, if there are concerns about confidentiality, no one should check.

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What is the peculiarity of sending SMS via the Internet and how it will look

When you send a message via the Internet, it comes in a very unusual way - from a three-digit number, not designating you as the sender. Those. determine who sent the SMS will be very difficult, or rather unrealistic for the average user. In some cases, Internet distribution via the Internet is similar to advertising, which is why many people, even without reading the message, simply delete it. Therefore, if you want a message to come up - subscribe and preferably at the beginning of a sentence, people often read the first 5 words than the entire long message. Otherwise, your important message will go to spam, and then to the trash.

Another feature of Internet messages is that it is impossible to answer by the phone from which the SMS came. It means the system works in one direction. You can send, but you can only reply to your mobile number. Therefore you should not worry if there was no answer to the message. Perhaps the person is looking for a way to contact you. Another feature is the length of messages. In such SMS it is impossible to write the history of your life, all the problems or troubles that you have encountered, since the number of characters is limited. Therefore, it is necessary to write briefly and concisely. You can simply ask to call back or specify contact information. It will be much more effective than trying to fit in a short message with 120 characters all that I want to present at the moment. Sms via the Internet delivered quickly enough. Often it takes a few seconds or minutes. And therefore, if there is a desire, you can always take advantage of such services.