Blog - How to find a person by phone number?

How to find a person by phone number?

Previously, knowing the phone number, you could easily find the subscriber. It was enough just to look in the phone book. Fixed-line telephones were set by address. Respectively the address was recognized through the number,and by the address you could calculate the name of the owner himself. However, in the era of modern technology, everything is much more complicated. Sim card in the smartphone is not tied to the address or the name. If you wish, you can generally purchase several cards, as from one mobile operator or as from several. This is your own business. So, finding a person by phone number becomes an almost impossible task. But this is only at first thought. In fact, there are search methods that give chances for successful searches. But we need to immediately clarify that we are talking about legal methods that do not involve hacker attacks, hacking social networks, etc. Such acts are criminalized. As for the legal methods, they do not give a 100% guarantee of success, but then you will not be held criminally liable. Such methods can be paid and free, while their effectiveness is almost the same.t the same.

How to find a person by phone number?


найти человека по номеру телефона

Commercial ways

There are only 2 of them. The first is to order the services you need from specialists. On the Internet, you can easily find ads like ""find a person by phone number."" It is difficult to imagine how the specialists will search for the subscriber; most likely, they will use free-of-charge methods, which we will consider below. But it cannot be excluded that either databases will be used, or those hacks for which a term may be threatened. In this case, you are not in danger, because you will not be engaged in burglary. However, you need to consider a couple of small, but important nuances. First, you can be deceived. You will make a prepayment, and the ""specialist"" will no longer contact you. You will definitely not complain to the law enforcement bodies, because they will have a question - why, in fact, are you looking for a person? Secondly, these performers can hack your accounts, and your personal account by phone number, or even launch spyware on your PC. Is it worth the risk - you decide. The second paid method is to use specialized services. You can purchase or download them. These are programs perform a quick search on the Internet, without requiring your presence. That is, you specify a phone number, and you can go about your business. Upon completion, the program will give you the necessary data. It is best to use products from reputable companies that you can trust. They have demo versions that are either free or require a symbolic payment. In order to one-time find a person that will be quite enough. If you plan to do it all the time, then it makes sense to purchase a licensed version of the program.

Free ways

Now we consider the ways to find a person for free. First and foremost, this is our favorite browser. Whether it is Google or Yandex, it does not matter. If the subscriber once indicated his phone number on the Internet, then you will be able to find the trace. Then it will be easier. Scoring the coveted number in the browser, you can get results that will contain links to the resume (if the subscriber was looking for a job and left his resume on any site), on pages in social networks, on message boards (if the subscriber sold something) , as well as on forums where you had to specify a phone number. Of course, this does not guarantee that you will know the name of the subscriber, it may be just the name, or nickname on the forum. But this is a trace that you can go on. If you decide to use a browser, then do not be lazy to drive in different variations of the number, with the country code, with dashes between the numbers, together or separately. All this can play a certain role. The method that can give maximum information about the subscriber is to use his personal phone number to search social networks. Some of these services suggest pointing to a contact number page. Of course, not all of them are left, or they are left open only for a close friends. But you should try it. In any case, you will not lose anything. Another method is to use the messenger. For example, Viber works only with a mobile phone. Accordingly, if you add the number of the person you are looking for to your contact list in Viber, you can see his photo and name. Yes, not all put their photos, not all indicate the name, but, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, all the methods described do not give a 100% guarantee. If you are lucky, you can find out the name and photo, and then use the same social networks. "