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How to find a phone

How to find a phone

How to find a phone if it was lost or stolen? Probably, this question was asked almost every second user. In the era of push-button cell phones, this problem did not arise, since their cost was not too high. Lost? Went to buy another one! But with smartphones everything is different. First, by themselves, they are quite expensive. Secondly, they store important information, including access to a bank card. The loss of a mobile device becomes a real problem, and therefore it will not be superfluous to know how to find a phone in which case.

Determining the location of Android a smartphone

In order to find out the location of the mobile device, as well as perform the necessary operations with it, you should go to the page and log in to your Google account. When using multiple devices, such as a smartphone and tablet, at the top of the page, simply select the gadget you need. Thus, you can block a stolen device or erase data from it that is not intended to be viewed by unauthorized persons. However, in order to perform these actions, you will need to “bind” the Android device to your Google account in advance. After that, you can find the phone using the search options Wi-Fi, GPS or via mobile networks. Moreover, you can make calls, even in cases where the SIM card was reinstalled. What steps should be taken to track the device? First of all, go to the Settings menu, follow to the Security section, and from it to the Device Administrators item. Secondly, we confirm with the help of a check mark that you give permission to the resource to lock the screen, change the password and delete files from the smartphone. Perform activation. When you first visit the service, you will have to agree to the use of data on the location of your gadget by the dispatcher. After these simple actions, you can control your device at a distance through Google, which is very convenient. At the same time, it is important to remember one nuance - the control of a smartphone or tablet is possible only if the device is connected to the Network, and all accounts on it are saved. This is quite logical because when deleting accounts, the service will not be able to recognize your gadget, which means it simply will not be able to find out how to find the phone. And, of course, in the absence of an Internet connection, it is also impossible to search.

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Phone search via IMEI

Each device has an individual serial number consisting of 15 digits. This number also referred to as a code, is called IMEI. In fact, this is encrypted data about the device, and they are displayed in the network of mobile carriers. You can find the provided code on the package from the gadget, in the warranty card or via dialing * # 06 # - in this case, the code will be displayed on the screen. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you will need to enter the code in the global search base on the page It would be best to write down your phone’s IMEI number in a Word document or notebook, so that, if necessary, do not search for too long. Such information should always be at hand to avoid wasting time.

Why you need it

Not many users think about the safety of their property. Some people think this is a useless precautionary measure, someone is stopped by superstition, while others are simply lazy. Although many do not know about such features of modern technology. And why? After all, there is the police, who in case of theft will quickly find the phone and return it to its rightful owner. In fact, relying solely on law enforcement agencies is not very reasonable. First, thefts occur every day, thousands of them in the country. If the police tries to search for all the missing smartphones and tablets, it simply will not have time to solve other crimes. And how to find the loss, if the victim often does not even remember when he last saw the device? Perhaps he left it in a cafe, perhaps pulled in transport, or in a crowd.

In such conditions, the work of law enforcement agencies becomes difficult, and an attacker takes only 15-30 minutes to sell a gadget for disassembly or a pawnshop. Secondly, when it gets into the point of purchase of equipment, the device is immediately disassembled into parts or turned off. And you will not be able to reach it. In addition, all data is deleted from the phone, and even if the police find a smartphone in one of the pawnshops, it will be difficult to prove that it is yours. No, it is, in principle, possible, but where is the guarantee that the gadget will not be sold to someone? Or do not redirect to another city where the smartphone is completely lost. You should contact law enforcement agencies. But you greatly facilitate the work of the police, if you can specify how to find the phone. Then the task force will be able to immediately go to the place and withdraw the loss. This feature is also extremely important for those who have installed an online banking application. If you do not want the attacker to go to your personal account in the bank and withdraw all the money, you must be able to block the phone. Thus, you can not only return your mobile device but also prevent theft of money from a bank card. Not to mention the fact that some thieves are not averse to taking a loan, which the smartphone user will have to return. And it is much more difficult and troublesome than to go to the necessary service and connect your phone or tablet to it.