Сколько символов в одном сообщении СМС и Вайбер

Многие компании, занимающиеся рассылкой на телефоны, интересуются тем, сколько символов в одном сообщении СМС и Вайбер. Это нужно учитывать, чтобы знать, на какой текст ориентироваться при составлении рекламного предложения. Если сделать текст слишком коротким, то можно не донести полностью всю полезную информацию до адресата. В то же время, длинный текст может не влезть в одно сообщение, придется отправлять два, а пользователи обычно не читают вторую СМС. Да и стоимость такого рекламного предложения увеличивается вдвое, независимо от того, сколько символов в сообщении, как в первом, так и во втором. По сути, вторая СМС вообще может содержать одну строчку, но оплачивать придется, как за полноценное. Мобильные операторы снимают плату именно за число сообщений, а не за количество символов в них.

Сколлько символов в смс

Сколько символов в СМС-сообщении

Если говорить о стандартных SMS, отправляемых на телефон, то количество знаков в сообщении составляет 160, при условии, что используется латиница. Для кириллицы отводится только 70 знаков. Вот почему владельцы телефонов получают обычно смс-ки на латинице – чтобы можно было больше текста вместить. Однако это не значит, что 2 сообщения будут содержать 320 знаков. Нужно учитывать перенос текста. В итоге получается, что количество символов в SMS сообщении, которое идет первым, будет 153 для латиницы, и 67 для кириллицы. Точно так же будет считаться и в том случае, если предполагается 3 СМС.

Но такое количество не является преднамеренной задумкой операторов мобильной связи. Так получилось из-за того, что каждое сообщение считывается по объему, в байтах. В GSM-стандарте предусмотрено 140 байт для одного смс-сообщения. Если углубиться в вопрос, то можно выяснить, что для латиницы предполагается 7-битная кодировка, тогда как для кириллицы всего лишь 2-битная. Именно поэтому кириллических знаков в одном сообщении в 2 раза меньше.

Те, кто собирается использовать эту информацию для рассылки, следует знать и тот факт, что при наличии в тексте хотя бы одного нелатинского знака, все сообщение уже не может считаться латинским.

сколько символов в вайбере

Сколько символов в сообщении Viber

Так как при отправке СМС-сообщений присутствуют подобные ограничения, ряд компаний использует мессенджеры, в частности, Viber. Это намного выгоднее по двум причинам. Во-первых, сообщения отправляются бесплатно, даже при массовой рекламной рассылке. Во-вторых, количество символов в Вайбере достигает 1000 знаков. А это позволяет вместить более объемный текст, а рекламное предложение сделать более информативным.

Promotional campaigns in Viber, benefits

Viber sending Benefits

Nowadays sms sending is one of the most popular of marketing tools. It is used by various organizations and companies, thanks to which the target audience is massively attracted. This can be done with the help of social networks and various instant messengers. Of all existing applications, Viber has demonstrated the greatest efficiency. Sending via Viber is made very simple, and, given the popularity of the messenger itself, it is not surprising that such an advertising tool allows you to reach as many users as possible. You can order the presented service at https://intel-tele.com/services/viber/. Clients have the opportunity to choose the most optimal package for their needs, where there will be a certain number of messages and the cost of the service.

The main goals of Viber sending

Sms sending, regardless of the messenger, performs two tasks at once:
Informational – the task is to inform the subscriber about something. This could be a promotion, a discount program, a reminder of a store or company, or whatever, in fact;
Advertising – here in the message there is a hidden prompting action, as a rule, requiring the user to make the transition. The goal is to sell a product or service. However, the advertising function can be informational at the same time.
The company includes in the message information that may be of interest to recipients, encourage them to make certain actions – go to the desired page via a link, make a call, order a service or purchase. Therefore, among the most frequent users of sending via Viber we can meet:
Online stores, notifying about discounts, promotions, sales and new arrivals;
Service companies – technical centers, beauty salons, gyms, etc. They also talk about current promotions;
Financial organizations, in particular, banks informing about transactions related to an account or a card.
In any of these cases, informing the potential or regular customer, advertising goods or services. This can also be done via SMS, but sending Viber will be more convenient.

вайбер рассылки

Viber app fatures

Messenger allows you to exchange messages and content, both with one subscriber and with a group. So, you can send the same message to the entire list of contacts. Thus, a huge amount of time is saved, and advertising is sent in a matter of minutes, with just one keystroke. The main thing you need is the connected Internet from the sender and from subscribers. However, if the subscriber is currently offline, he will also receive your message when he goes online. An important feature of this particular application is it can easily function even with an unstable Internet. Surely, if the Network disappears, then issues will arise, but a high-speed connection is not required at all. For example, other instant messengers may hang, the content on them will take a long time to load, and the user will close and delete the message rather than waste time waiting for the download.


Viber sending benefits

Viber sending benefits are:

  • The simplicity of the process;
  • As fast as possible;
  • It is possible to send large text messages;

Due to the wide functionality of the messenger, it is possible to send not only text but also multimedia content – photos, melodies, smiles, and images. As you know, pictures with information attract more users than just text, and therefore the return on the message will be better.

And one more benefit of sending via Viber is the absence of large cash outlay. This item should be disassembled in more detail. Firstly, unlike standard SMS messages, for which you need to pay a mobile carrier, you just send information via the messenger for free. The maximum that you have to spend is the payment for the services of an employee who will perform this procedure. Well, of course, if you do not want to do it yourself. Secondly, such a mass sending has become an excellent alternative to advertising on tv and on websites. It does not make sense for all organizations to pay huge amounts of money to order a video on TV. Yes, and all of us know watching tv is not popular today. Moreover, ordering advertising on all channels is expensive, and on one is ineffective. Reaching an audience is too small, and the costs are too large. While sending by Viber is completely free. As for Internet sites, first, you need to find a resource that covers a large number of users. This can be a thematic or entertainment portal. However, such a service is not cheap, and the more popular the site, the more expensive the cost of advertising on it. And the queue there is also rather big. But buying a banner somewhere on the 20-30th page of the resource is not profitable since there is no guarantee that at least 1000 visitors will visit it for a whole month. As a result, many users have browser extensions that prevent the appearance of banners, various ad blockers. And, the audience reach becomes very narrow. But the owner of the site can not be responsible for the actions of users, because no one will return the money in case of a low level of conversion.


There is also PPC advertising, but it also requires investments with rather an unpredictable efficiency. Modern Internet users are difficult to conduct, and most of them understand where to click and where not. But if you still lure the visitor with the help of hidden pay-per-click advertising, then he simply closes the page that opens. So it turns out that sending Viber is much more efficient, and it does not require investments. And this application is installed in most users, almost 90%. And they will definitely receive your message, as it will be targeted.

Top 5 Messengers in Ukraine

In the past few years, with the proliferation of smartphones and tablets, the messenger has become the most convenient way of communication. It is an application that can be used on both mobile devices and computers. This is a great alternative to phones, since both messages and in-app conversations are free. The main thing is that your interlocutor should also have the same messenger installed and have access to the Internet. The idea of ​​such a communication tool has become so attractive that many companies began to release their instant messengers. However, not all of them were successful and won the attention of the public. There are various factors here, in particular, stable work, rich functionality, ease of use and, to a large extent, competent marketing policy of the company. More promoted product, of course, will be the most popular. Provided that it meets the requirements of users, and provides high-quality communication.

Top 5 Messegers in Ukraine


мессенджеры украины

In Ukraine, we can single out just a few applications that users liked the most. Lets consider these free instant messengers in more detail.


This is messenger takes one of the leading positions all over the world. And it is not surprising, because the number of registered users of this social network is tens of millions. Accordingly, the account owner does not need to worry about registering with the communication application. At the same time, most often the Facebook messenger is used for correspondence and messaging. Here you can find everything you need for communication as fancy stickers, and a whole set of various emoticons, and the ability to send files. So from the point of view of correspondence, this option is excellent. But the situation is different with calls. If messanger sent sms without issues the quality of communication during the conversation left much to be desired. Of course, developers are constantly engaged in improvement, and, perhaps, soon the application would become a leader. But didnt have time. By the time the connection began to respond to the wishes of users, other instant messengers appeared, more adapted to this. And some have long functioned, they could only be transferred to the Android platform, such as Skype.


Originally skype used on a computer, but with the advent of mobile devices came the application based on Android. Since this product has long been familiar to users, they immediately began to use it for communication. Also there are functions with which it is convenient to conduct business. Take at least the possibility of group chat, or the ability to send messages to multiple users at once. This is the same as the viber messaging, through which you can notify your customers about any promotions, discounts, great deals. What is remarkable, Skype is not so popular for audio calls, its feature is in high-quality video calls. You see the interlocutor, he sees you, and only a camera is needed for this. You can also demonstrate to the other person the actions that you perform on the desktop of the computer, to record them. This is a great option for training, especially for corporate. In order not to explain to each new employee the same thing, it is enough to record a video demonstration and send it to colleagues.


It is another one of the leaders among the means of communication on the Internet. This application has won the love of users from all over the world. It has interesting features, ease of use, and, both for correspondence and for calls. And the calls are just a “”chip”” of this product. Due to this, Viber began to replace ordinary phones, because for conversations there is no charge here. Is it any wonder that many mobile carriers in Ukraine have created unlimited talk packages, and the cost of these packages is not as high as a few years ago? It’s very simple – than to pay per minute for a conversation and connection, it is easier to call via Viber. Its realy convenient application for business. Used messaging via viber gives you the opportunity to notify your contacts about any promotional offers, or to distribute management orders among colleagues. You can create a chat for a department or for the entire company, so each employee will receive important information in a timely manner. The messenger shows that the interlocutor not only received the message, but also read it, because there are no more excuses because he did not know about the order. Also, in the application there are hidden opportunities, but not all use them, and even know about them. So Viber messaging works fine, and managed to give a good account of it.

Telegram and WhatsApp

The fourth and fifth places in popularity are Telegrams and WhatsApp. However, this is conditional popularity. Yes, both of these products in Ukraine are trying to promote, especially Telegram. However, not entirely successful. So far, these products cannot offer users something new, which is why they would be worth giving up other instant messengers.

The main functions of Viber

Viber is one of the most popular and convenient instant messengers in the world. The number of its users is millions, and surely for good reason. Today, more and more people prefer to use compact gadgets, especially since Internet coverage allows you to conduct telephone conversations through the instant messenger, and it is completely free ! And sending via viber makes it possible to inform several subscribers about something at once, without requiring for each of them to type a separate message.

The main functions of Viber

As with any messenger Viber’s task is quite simple – communication. This can be done in writing, typing messages, or verbally, with the help of calls. Moreover, the program is focused mainly on conversations, as it makes it very convenient to move contacts from the phone book to Viber. On the other hand, if you do not want to have some number in the contact list in the application, then you simply remove it from there using the settings. However, lovers of Internet correspondence is also not forgotten.Absolutely, not every one of us has the ability to make telephone conversations, but sending a message is easier than ever. For example, sitting at a university at a lecture or at a noisy party, you need to tell something to your relatives. You can not call, because the message remains the only way out. For a comfortable conversation in the application there are emoticons, so-called stickers, animation. In addition, you can send a text file, video from YouTube, photo, video, audio. This is especially useful if you are using a vibe. With the help of various functions, any user can customize the profile in the messenger at their discretion, including adding a photo. If any photo seems dull and uninteresting to you, it can be processed using the appropriate function – add some elements, make an inscription, etc. For an adult, perhaps it will seem like over-indulgence, but on the other hand, why not? In any case, this approach suggests that the developers have tried to adapt the program for different age categories, and have done everything possible so that Viber was comfortable for everyone.

вайбер возможности


Messenger business opportunities

We should talk about it separately. For business owners the most attractive are the two functions of this messenger. The first is viber messaging. It is convenient in that you can send interesting information to all your subscribers at once. For example, in your store, there is some kind of promotion involving discounts. Someone from your contacts does not know about it, although he could participate. But sending a message to each person separately will take a lot of time, especially if the contact list includes several hundred users. Messaging solves this issue easily. The second function is group chat. First of all, you can use it for corporate purposes by connecting all employees to it. You can create a general chat for a company, or you can create several chats for each department. Thus, when you need to convey important information to the staff, some kind of order or task, it is enough to send a message that all people from the list of contacts added to the chat will receive. In turn, they can ask questions, get answers – and everyone else will read this. This avoids repeating the same questions.


вайбер функции

Secret Viber Functions

Some functions in Viber are called secret. In fact, there is no secret in them, just few of us get to them. Typically, users are limited to the standard settings, and then use the messenger as a means of communication. However, several so-called secret opportunities are still worth considering, under certain circumstances they can be useful. First of all, you should say a few words about security. This is very important for those who use the application as a business tool. Developers pay special attention to the security of communication of their customers, because they used end-to-end encryption. The function offers to go into the conversation, which will be completely encrypted. You can also hide from outsiders your secret dialogues. The function is called “”Secret Chat””. It is configured with just a few clicks. Secondly, if you do not want someone to see your presence in the messenger, you can disable the “”Online”” button. Thus, users from the contact list will not know when you last visited the application. It is also possible to set the notification of the interlocutor about the message you have viewed. It is not always convenient when a pen-friend knows that you have read his message. Thirdly, you can save your message log by making a backup copy of it. This is useful when switching to another phone, in case of loss or failure, etc”