What is NFC?

Many uninitiated users do not know what NFC is. Meanwhile, this is quite a useful feature that is present in mobile gadgets – smartphones and tablets. True, it should be said that not all device models support this option yet, but such models are getting smaller. Manufacturers understand that the presented function will soon become one of the most popular, as it makes life easier for smartphone users. But first things first.

What is it NFC

As you might guess, this is an abbreviation. The full name of the option is Near Field Communication, and it makes it clear that the function implies communication. And there is! NFC is contactless proximity. Its peculiarity is that, firstly, it works at high frequencies, and secondly, the radius of action is no more than 10 centimeters. It would seem, why do we need such technology, if Bluetooth already exists, and, moreover, its range is much larger? However, there is an advantage. It is the connection speed. Due to NFS, the connection is much faster, and there is no need to synchronize the two devices, confirm the connection, etc., as is the case with Bluetooth. That is, everything happens much faster, and this is the convenience for the user. As for the small radius of action, then this is not such a minus. Due to the need to adhere to such a small distance between two devices, NFC is considered more secure. It is difficult to steal data or accidentally transfer it to someone else, as it happened, again, with Bluetooth. Near field communication is used for two purposes:
File transfers between two devices;
Payment of purchases and services without direct use of a bank card.

Картинки по запросу nfc

NFC support by mobile device

In order to use the presented technology, it is necessary to first understand whether it is supported by your gadget. There are two ways to check this. The first is to search on the back panel of the device or the battery for the corresponding inscription, or the full name of the option, or an abbreviation. The second is to enter the menu item of the gadget settings, then select the “More” tab, and the NFC line will appear in the list that opens. The switch should be activated, and you can also enable the Android Beam option.

How to implement NFC

First of all, both devices, between which the file transfer will take place, must support this technology and the Android Beam function. Neither one nor the second gadget should be blocked. When the devices are idle, vibration and a beep will occur. There will also be an additional signal-alert after the transfer of data. Up to this point, it is impossible to separate the gadgets and distance them from each other Now we will analyze in more detail how to transfer certain files.

Photo and video content

To transfer photos and video files via NFC, you need to open the necessary content on the device. Then attach this device to another, backed. We are waiting for the connection to take place; this may take a few seconds since it is not always possible to understand exactly where the NFC chips are located on both gadgets. When the connection is confirmed, on the donor device, click on the display to activate the file transfer. After the process is completed, the gadget will beep.

Link and applications exchange

NFC is convenient to use for quick exchange of applications and links. For example, you have found an interesting web resource or application and want to share or with your friend. But instead of copying a link to a website or application, performing a variety of actions related to searching for them and sending via instant messengers, it’s enough to bring your smartphone to a friend’s smartphone when the application or link is open. On the second device, the content page will open automatically. It is very simple, and it also saves time.

Payment of purchases and services

Due to NFC technology, you don’t have to carry a bank card with you anymore. Today, most large stores use terminals that support this feature. Of course, at the checkout, it would be better to clarify this issue if we are talking about an unknown store. But in supermarkets, as a rule, this is already in the order of things. Surely, you have seen some of the buyers bring their gadget to the terminal and thereby make the payment. Here is a vivid example of how to use the NFC for payments in stores. In Ukraine, this opportunity appeared in early 2017. Moreover, it is not only about shops, but also gas stations, cafes and even public transport – modern trolley buses. You can find out if the terminal supports this feature by the icon where the hand is shown and stripes emanate from it (similar to the Wi-Fi icon). It can also simply written PayPass.

Special tags – extra comfort

It would be strange if such a useful technology had not been improved, and not used for other purposes. Manufacturers have developed special marks, they are also called tags. These devices have a small compact size, due to which they can be carried in a pocket, in a bag, backpack, glued to the desktop, and even on the key ring. Actually, anywhere, just to be able to securely fasten. What are they needed for? It’s simple. The user can write on a similar label certain settings for your gadget. For example, you want your workplace smartphone to quickly switch to silent mode. But to customize each time manually, no desire. What are we doing? We acquire a label, using the corresponding application, we read it, and then we enter information that when connected with this label, the device automatically switches to the desired mode. Then we attach the label to someplace on the desktop where it will not interfere. Now when the device gets into the range of the tag, it will automatically go into silent mode. You can also use tags for the following purposes:

  • Alarm setting;
  • Profile settings – silent, normal, etc .;
  • Flight mode;
  • Data transfer;
  • Activation/deactivation of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi;
  • Setting display parameters – lock, auto-rotate, set brightness, etc.

Thus, it is possible to arrange tags in key locations of a room, apartment, or study. And, instead of changing the settings manually in the smartphone through the menu each time, it will be enough just to attach the device to the label. Conclusions Now, knowing what NFC is, you probably understand how this technology will become popular and in the near future. It is likely that for the next 2-3 years only those models of devices that support the presented option will be on sale. And after 5 years in general, most likely, it will not be necessary to carry a bank card with you. After all, you can pay for everything directly via a smartphone. We can definitely say that this is the technology of the future, which is already gaining wide popularity today!

How to find a phone

How to find a phone

How to find a phone if it was lost or stolen? Probably, this question was asked almost every second user. In the era of push-button cell phones, this problem did not arise, since their cost was not too high. Lost? Went to buy another one! But with smartphones everything is different. First, by themselves, they are quite expensive. Secondly, they store important information, including access to a bank card. The loss of a mobile device becomes a real problem, and therefore it will not be superfluous to know how to find a phone in which case.

Determining the location of Android a smartphone

In order to find out the location of the mobile device, as well as perform the necessary operations with it, you should go to the android.com/find page and log in to your Google account. When using multiple devices, such as a smartphone and tablet, at the top of the page, simply select the gadget you need. Thus, you can block a stolen device or erase data from it that is not intended to be viewed by unauthorized persons. However, in order to perform these actions, you will need to “bind” the Android device to your Google account in advance. After that, you can find the phone using the search options Wi-Fi, GPS or via mobile networks. Moreover, you can make calls, even in cases where the SIM card was reinstalled. What steps should be taken to track the device? First of all, go to the Settings menu, follow to the Security section, and from it to the Device Administrators item. Secondly, we confirm with the help of a check mark that you give permission to the resource to lock the screen, change the password and delete files from the smartphone. Perform activation. When you first visit the service, you will have to agree to the use of data on the location of your gadget by the dispatcher. After these simple actions, you can control your device at a distance through Google, which is very convenient. At the same time, it is important to remember one nuance – the control of a smartphone or tablet is possible only if the device is connected to the Network, and all accounts on it are saved. This is quite logical because when deleting accounts, the service will not be able to recognize your gadget, which means it simply will not be able to find out how to find the phone. And, of course, in the absence of an Internet connection, it is also impossible to search.

intel telecom найти телефон

Phone search via IMEI

Each device has an individual serial number consisting of 15 digits. This number also referred to as a code, is called IMEI. In fact, this is encrypted data about the device, and they are displayed in the network of mobile carriers. You can find the provided code on the package from the gadget, in the warranty card or via dialing * # 06 # – in this case, the code will be displayed on the screen. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you will need to enter the code in the global search base on the page goo.gl/fdZAk5. It would be best to write down your phone’s IMEI number in a Word document or notebook, so that, if necessary, do not search for too long. Such information should always be at hand to avoid wasting time.

Why you need it

Not many users think about the safety of their property. Some people think this is a useless precautionary measure, someone is stopped by superstition, while others are simply lazy. Although many do not know about such features of modern technology. And why? After all, there is the police, who in case of theft will quickly find the phone and return it to its rightful owner. In fact, relying solely on law enforcement agencies is not very reasonable. First, thefts occur every day, thousands of them in the country. If the police tries to search for all the missing smartphones and tablets, it simply will not have time to solve other crimes. And how to find the loss, if the victim often does not even remember when he last saw the device? Perhaps he left it in a cafe, perhaps pulled in transport, or in a crowd.

In such conditions, the work of law enforcement agencies becomes difficult, and an attacker takes only 15-30 minutes to sell a gadget for disassembly or a pawnshop. Secondly, when it gets into the point of purchase of equipment, the device is immediately disassembled into parts or turned off. And you will not be able to reach it. In addition, all data is deleted from the phone, and even if the police find a smartphone in one of the pawnshops, it will be difficult to prove that it is yours. No, it is, in principle, possible, but where is the guarantee that the gadget will not be sold to someone? Or do not redirect to another city where the smartphone is completely lost. You should contact law enforcement agencies. But you greatly facilitate the work of the police, if you can specify how to find the phone. Then the task force will be able to immediately go to the place and withdraw the loss. This feature is also extremely important for those who have installed an online banking application. If you do not want the attacker to go to your personal account in the bank and withdraw all the money, you must be able to block the phone. Thus, you can not only return your mobile device but also prevent theft of money from a bank card. Not to mention the fact that some thieves are not averse to taking a loan, which the smartphone user will have to return. And it is much more difficult and troublesome than to go to the necessary service and connect your phone or tablet to it.

Promotional campaigns in Viber, benefits

Viber sending Benefits

Nowadays sms sending is one of the most popular of marketing tools. It is used by various organizations and companies, thanks to which the target audience is massively attracted. This can be done with the help of social networks and various instant messengers. Of all existing applications, Viber has demonstrated the greatest efficiency. Sending via Viber is made very simple, and, given the popularity of the messenger itself, it is not surprising that such an advertising tool allows you to reach as many users as possible. You can order the presented service at https://intel-tele.com/services/viber/. Clients have the opportunity to choose the most optimal package for their needs, where there will be a certain number of messages and the cost of the service.

The main goals of Viber sending

Sms sending, regardless of the messenger, performs two tasks at once:
Informational – the task is to inform the subscriber about something. This could be a promotion, a discount program, a reminder of a store or company, or whatever, in fact;
Advertising – here in the message there is a hidden prompting action, as a rule, requiring the user to make the transition. The goal is to sell a product or service. However, the advertising function can be informational at the same time.
The company includes in the message information that may be of interest to recipients, encourage them to make certain actions – go to the desired page via a link, make a call, order a service or purchase. Therefore, among the most frequent users of sending via Viber we can meet:
Online stores, notifying about discounts, promotions, sales and new arrivals;
Service companies – technical centers, beauty salons, gyms, etc. They also talk about current promotions;
Financial organizations, in particular, banks informing about transactions related to an account or a card.
In any of these cases, informing the potential or regular customer, advertising goods or services. This can also be done via SMS, but sending Viber will be more convenient.

вайбер рассылки

Viber app fatures

Messenger allows you to exchange messages and content, both with one subscriber and with a group. So, you can send the same message to the entire list of contacts. Thus, a huge amount of time is saved, and advertising is sent in a matter of minutes, with just one keystroke. The main thing you need is the connected Internet from the sender and from subscribers. However, if the subscriber is currently offline, he will also receive your message when he goes online. An important feature of this particular application is it can easily function even with an unstable Internet. Surely, if the Network disappears, then issues will arise, but a high-speed connection is not required at all. For example, other instant messengers may hang, the content on them will take a long time to load, and the user will close and delete the message rather than waste time waiting for the download.


Viber sending benefits

Viber sending benefits are:

  • The simplicity of the process;
  • As fast as possible;
  • It is possible to send large text messages;

Due to the wide functionality of the messenger, it is possible to send not only text but also multimedia content – photos, melodies, smiles, and images. As you know, pictures with information attract more users than just text, and therefore the return on the message will be better.

And one more benefit of sending via Viber is the absence of large cash outlay. This item should be disassembled in more detail. Firstly, unlike standard SMS messages, for which you need to pay a mobile carrier, you just send information via the messenger for free. The maximum that you have to spend is the payment for the services of an employee who will perform this procedure. Well, of course, if you do not want to do it yourself. Secondly, such a mass sending has become an excellent alternative to advertising on tv and on websites. It does not make sense for all organizations to pay huge amounts of money to order a video on TV. Yes, and all of us know watching tv is not popular today. Moreover, ordering advertising on all channels is expensive, and on one is ineffective. Reaching an audience is too small, and the costs are too large. While sending by Viber is completely free. As for Internet sites, first, you need to find a resource that covers a large number of users. This can be a thematic or entertainment portal. However, such a service is not cheap, and the more popular the site, the more expensive the cost of advertising on it. And the queue there is also rather big. But buying a banner somewhere on the 20-30th page of the resource is not profitable since there is no guarantee that at least 1000 visitors will visit it for a whole month. As a result, many users have browser extensions that prevent the appearance of banners, various ad blockers. And, the audience reach becomes very narrow. But the owner of the site can not be responsible for the actions of users, because no one will return the money in case of a low level of conversion.


There is also PPC advertising, but it also requires investments with rather an unpredictable efficiency. Modern Internet users are difficult to conduct, and most of them understand where to click and where not. But if you still lure the visitor with the help of hidden pay-per-click advertising, then he simply closes the page that opens. So it turns out that sending Viber is much more efficient, and it does not require investments. And this application is installed in most users, almost 90%. And they will definitely receive your message, as it will be targeted.

Conversion and metric

Conversion and metrics

The concept of “conversion” is known to every marketer. This is one of the main tools can assess the effectiveness of PR-offers and advertising campaigns. Measurement occurs as a percentage of data that are selected based on the objectives of marketing research. In some cases it may be the number of users clicks on banners or contextual advertising, in others it is determined how many users who clicked have made a purchase . Besides that, the conversion is calculated according to other criteria – phone calls, registration on the resource, subscription to the newsletter, etc. So, we see that the essence of this tool is to determine how many people have completed the expected actions. And due to this, you can understand how effective the advertising campaign was. In the future, the marketer will use this information to improve commercials or banners, develop a more attractive slogan or brand logo, etc.


Conversion – the main aim

Meanwhile, you sould not think that conversion is the main goal. Recall that this is just a tool aimed at studying the work of the site, finding and eliminating errors. Errors can be caused by a variety of factors:Poor quality content;2) Poor usability;3) Slow work site;4) Too much advertising;

Unattractive or incomprehensible interface.

And for an online store, can also be added such factors as poor service or slow order processing. Let us examine a simple example explaining what a conversion is and what role it plays . Let’s consider the work of the online store. 1000 visitors come to it per day. It would seem that this is a good indicator. However, only 2 people make a purchase. The question arises – what is the point in 1000 visitors, if 998 of them leave the site without bringing him any profit? This indicates low efficiency. A reasonable indicator is considered a conversion of 2-3%, that is, out of 1000 users who came to the site, 20-30 people make a purchase. At the same time, this is an average indicator, and it may differ for different business areas. Consequently, the conversion needs to be increased, but it should be done through changes in the resource that will lead to a greater number of potential customers. Some site owners, and sometimes marketers, focus their attention on increasing the number of visitors, that is, traffic. They use various SEO tools, can change the design of the site, but there are still no buyers. Why? Perhaps the whole thing in the price of goods. If the online store has enough competitors, where the same products are sold at a lower cost, then it is logical that users will turn to competitors.


What factors directly affect the conversion?

Among the most common factors we can sign out the following:

  • Keywords that have been selected to attract visitors. Sometimes these words can be misleading, which leads to leaving portal page by client;
  • Page mismatch. Visitors enter it, but almost immediately leave without making a purchase. The reason for this phenomenon may be, as mentioned above, overpriced prices or an inconvenient order form. Also, the pages may not have the required information, or it is incomplete;
  • Unattractive site. If the percentage of user returns is less than 10, it means they dont not like the resource;
  • The time of visiting the portal is less than one minute, or just a single page view. Here, problems can be, among other things, inconvenient design, incomprehensible interface, difficulties with navigation through the site, etc . That is, the person simply did not find the required information or could not make the transition to other pages. Another reason for this behavior of users may be in the wrong marketing policy, when the owner of the resource is chasing traffic and attracting a non-target audience;
  • The presence of advertising or links leading to third-party resources. An example of this is that a user has logged on to your online sports nutrition store, and on the page there is a banner ad leading to a competitor’s site. The visitor passes through it, gets on the portal of a competitor and makes a purchase there. Therefore, it is worth considering whether you need additional income on advertising, if because of it you lose the main income;
  • Low-quality website design. Often resource owners hire freelance designers at budget rates. As a result, they get a sample and frankly cheap design of their portal. It seems that everything works, but it can alert the customers. If the design is clearly cheap, it may give an idea that the quality of the goods in this online store is low;
  • In addition, there are a number of other factors affecting conversion.


Evaluate site traffic helps metric. But, unlike the conversion, it shows the overall statistics, that is, the number of impressions and conversions. This is also a tool, which helps you to determine how many visitors came, where they came from, what pages they visited, how much time they spent on the portal. All this data you can use to increase the conversion. Why else should take into account the efficiency of impact? Besides the fact that it helps to increase the level of sales, you can also correctly distribute the budget for the advertising campaign. Suppose you order advertising somewhere, pay for each transition to your website or in general for a banner. Regardless of whether the visitor makes a purchase, you will have to pay for marketing services. But if the conversion is weak, it means that a non-target audience comes to you. Consequently, you simply lose money by paying for something that does not bring results. Thus, you will be able to identify ineffective methods of advertising for your resource and abandon them, saving the budget. And remember, 2% conversion from 1000 visitors is much better than 5% from 100.

How to find a person by phone number?

Previously, knowing the phone number, you could easily find the subscriber. It was enough just to look in the phone book. Fixed-line telephones were set by address. Respectively the address was recognized through the number,and by the address you could calculate the name of the owner himself. However, in the era of modern technology, everything is much more complicated. Sim card in the smartphone is not tied to the address or the name. If you wish, you can generally purchase several cards, as from one mobile operator or as from several. This is your own business. So, finding a person by phone number becomes an almost impossible task. But this is only at first thought. In fact, there are search methods that give chances for successful searches. But we need to immediately clarify that we are talking about legal methods that do not involve hacker attacks, hacking social networks, etc. Such acts are criminalized. As for the legal methods, they do not give a 100% guarantee of success, but then you will not be held criminally liable. Such methods can be paid and free, while their effectiveness is almost the same.t the same.

How to find a person by phone number?


найти человека по номеру телефона

Commercial ways

There are only 2 of them. The first is to order the services you need from specialists. On the Internet, you can easily find ads like “”find a person by phone number.”” It is difficult to imagine how the specialists will search for the subscriber; most likely, they will use free-of-charge methods, which we will consider below. But it cannot be excluded that either databases will be used, or those hacks for which a term may be threatened. In this case, you are not in danger, because you will not be engaged in burglary. However, you need to consider a couple of small, but important nuances. First, you can be deceived. You will make a prepayment, and the “”specialist”” will no longer contact you. You will definitely not complain to the law enforcement bodies, because they will have a question – why, in fact, are you looking for a person? Secondly, these performers can hack your accounts, and your personal account by phone number, or even launch spyware on your PC. Is it worth the risk – you decide. The second paid method is to use specialized services. You can purchase or download them. These are programs perform a quick search on the Internet, without requiring your presence. That is, you specify a phone number, and you can go about your business. Upon completion, the program will give you the necessary data. It is best to use products from reputable companies that you can trust. They have demo versions that are either free or require a symbolic payment. In order to one-time find a person that will be quite enough. If you plan to do it all the time, then it makes sense to purchase a licensed version of the program.

Free ways

Now we consider the ways to find a person for free. First and foremost, this is our favorite browser. Whether it is Google or Yandex, it does not matter. If the subscriber once indicated his phone number on the Internet, then you will be able to find the trace. Then it will be easier. Scoring the coveted number in the browser, you can get results that will contain links to the resume (if the subscriber was looking for a job and left his resume on any site), on pages in social networks, on message boards (if the subscriber sold something) , as well as on forums where you had to specify a phone number. Of course, this does not guarantee that you will know the name of the subscriber, it may be just the name, or nickname on the forum. But this is a trace that you can go on. If you decide to use a browser, then do not be lazy to drive in different variations of the number, with the country code, with dashes between the numbers, together or separately. All this can play a certain role. The method that can give maximum information about the subscriber is to use his personal phone number to search social networks. Some of these services suggest pointing to a contact number page. Of course, not all of them are left, or they are left open only for a close friends. But you should try it. In any case, you will not lose anything. Another method is to use the messenger. For example, Viber works only with a mobile phone. Accordingly, if you add the number of the person you are looking for to your contact list in Viber, you can see his photo and name. Yes, not all put their photos, not all indicate the name, but, as mentioned at the beginning of the article, all the methods described do not give a 100% guarantee. If you are lucky, you can find out the name and photo, and then use the same social networks. “