Blog - 10 rules of modern SMS distribution

10 rules of modern SMS distribution

Marketing messages included in the marketing strategy of many companies, both large and small. This approach allows you to timely notify customers about new incoming goods, some promotions, opening new stores, etc. At the same time, to properly alert potential or loyal customers, you should follow some rules to get the most out of it.


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10 rules of modern Messaging


Messaging should make sense. Sending message, just to remind customers of your company is irrational.Sometimes such approach is way of wasting money
We give you a simple sample. You have an online web store, and there are currently enough buyers. The question arises - is it necessary to attract new customers now? Of course not. It is better to put aside it for the period when there will be a decline in buyers. It is necessary to understand that every day, every phone number owner receives 3-5 messages from various companies - taxi, bank, credit organizations, etc. It starts to be annoying and therefore the SMS sent from your company without a valid reason will most likely cause a negative. Therefore, it is more expedient to remind oneself when it is really necessary.


Deliver the necessary information concisely. Modern man does not have time to reread long texts, the essence of which can be explained with just one sentence. If you want to increase sales of air conditioners, just write "In the middle of summer, air conditioners from 4999 UAH.". This is quite enough to interest a potential buyer.


Have in mind the past rule, try to formulate sentences and phrases so that the reader does not have to guess what you want to say. Everything should be simple and clear. Open a new store? Of course, for you this is event. But for the client it is unlikely. Therefore, it is not necessary to begin the message with the words "Finally, after hard work, we were able to open ...". Write simply what you are opening, specify the date and address.


So if you want the subscriber does not close the message immediately, as soon as he read the first line, you will cause interest in it. Again, this is not about some kind of intrigue, you should not create detective plots and puzzles. It will work in the advertising brochure, but not in SMS. And besides, try to “catch” the first phrase. For example, you have a promotion, which implies discounts on goods. Specify immediately the size of the discount, and then the period of the action.


Messaging must take into account the target audience. You can obtain much greater effect y collecting and analyzing data. It is necessary to consider gender, age, location of potential buyers, their interests. For example, if your store works exclusively in the Kiev region, then what's the point of sending messages to residents of Vinnitsa? They will not go to Kiev to make a purchase from you or order a service.


If you want messaging brings the desired result the information in the messages must correspond to reality. No need to lure customers in the hope that they will at least buy something. Do not buy! Moreover, they will not react to the following messages at all, suspecting that this is another lie. Today, a whole lot of different companies and stores offering services and products, so there is no problem of choice. But getting into the blacklist with this approach is very simple.

Ability to unsubscribe

Most companies are so much “clinging” to each customer or customer services, which does not give the opportunity to unsubscribe. At seems as if the client has unsubscribed from marketing messages, he will immediately forget about the company itself. Do not forget, especially if other marketing methods are used, which operate in the complex. But, if your online SMS sending gives you the opportunity to unsubscribe, this will be a big plus for your company. Just enter at the end of the message the email address of the administrator who is responsible for this.


As mentioned above, each subscriber receives daily a series of messages from various companies and stores. By the end of the day, the average subscriber is already in the eyes dazzled by all sorts of promotions, discounts, discoveries, new receipts, opportunities to take a loan, etc. And this is if a person is not subscribed to any mailing list. Do not want to get to the black list? Then try not to send another message for good reason, every week. Do this precisely out of necessity, as stated in the first rule.


Anyone wants respectful attitude towards themselves, and this is true. Want your message to be received positively? Then contact the subscriber by name patronymic. He will be pleased, and in most cases the person does not immediately close the SMS.

Using messengers

Thanks to messengers you can save money on sending messages, because here they are free. In addition, from the chat is easier to follow the link to the specified address of the site. Yes, and users often "sit" in the messengers, because they will surely read your SMS. "