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10 rules selling SMS

Nowdays each of us receive a lot of sms. And this is not about the messages that we receive from friends or relatives, but about marketing. Some of them are talking about the opening of a new store, others - about promotional discounts, others are announcing the incoming of some fashionable gadget for sale. Anyway we are constantly informed about something. The use of messages for commercial purposes implies a significant increase in sales, but in fact everything is not as rosy as we would like. Why? It can have a lot of reasons. The main one of them is that not all marketing specialists use the rules of SMS messaging.

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10 rules selling SMS

Marketing Impulse Rule

The person who received the SMS on the phone should be willing to respond to it, react. This reaction is called impulse. There is no point in sending a message for the sake of a message, it’s wasted money thrown away. So, the information must be such that the person has an impulse or at least be interested in the proposal. If he clickes to the store site, this is already a 50% guarantee that he will make a purchase. Then everything will depend only on the prices in your store, the convenience of making an order, etc.

One sms - one pulse

Before sending SMS, make sure that it will cause only one pulse. This means that you should not talk about two or more products at once. Do you have discounts on phones and tablets? Write only about the phone in one message, and about the tablet in another. Better two messages, after a certain period of time. It is important that a person does not think that he will be more interested in - one product or another.


SMS is a short message system. You should remember this definition always even if you use Viber or other instant messenger. No one will read long texts. The subscriber, receiving SMS, thinks that someone from relatives or friends is writing to him, because when he sees that some company has written, he will most likely close the message. It is necessary that he had time to read the information up to this point. In addition, conciseness makes it possible to add intrigue, which is also not superfluous.

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Individual approach

Do you want to inspire confidence? Indicate in the message the name and last name of the addressee. Of course, if you know it. Yes, this approach will not allow the use of mass messaging, but it will be more effective, because this is what a person will see - the absence of a mass messaging! You tried to specify his name, spent time. And this is something worth it.

Use targeting

Targeting is a great solution for not wasting money. If a person who does not have a car receives an SMS with an offer to buy spare parts, what will he do? Delete this message, and you will experience a misunderstanding. You need to find out as much information as possible about your client, make a selection, send targeted messages.

Customer focus

That's ancient history ""Customer care"". If you want a customer to treat your company positively, add a bit of “soul” to your relationship. You should not contemplate it from a consumer point of view. How much will cost a message like this “It's cold outside today. Do not forget to grab a scarf. Your shop N! ”. In pennies! But you are not trying to sell something in it, you are participating. Thus, this person will remember your store, and, most likely, if you need to buy something, he will most likely turn to you.

Ability to unsubscribe

Do you know what annoys many people? When they receive SMS from a company to which they did not give their phone number. In fact, it is the illegal use of personal data for commercial purposes. The problem is aggravated by the fact that there is no possibility to unsubscribe. Make it. Enter the administrator's email that can stop the distribution to the subscriber’s phone number. In fact, there is one small trick here. Few people will actually go to email, write to the administrator, wait for a response. But the very opportunity to unsubscribe from advertising already increases the credibility of you.

Using instant messengers

Do you want to make messaging for free without SMS? Use instant messengers! Nowdays, the number of users of Viber, Facebook, Telegram, Skype and other applications is constantly growing. Millions of people use these services. So why should you pay to mobile carriers if you can send thousands of messages for free.


Messages should not be intrusive, come 10 times a week. It is annoying. Make it easier. For example, you have a website with SMS registration on it. In the same message may be an advertising offer.


Try to keep the information indicated in the message true. If you write that the TV is sold for 5999 UAH, and in fact it costs 7999, then there will be no more confidence in you.


Has a new model of smartphone, which everyone was waiting for? Report it to your customers immediately. After 2-3 months, this information will no longer be relevant.